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they grow up so fast...

Every year they get taller, their faces change, but you still see that sweet baby face.

At Little Nest we can capture those fleeting moments and memories with

beautiful portraits of your family!

Do the walls of your home need custom framed photos?

Do you have an idea for an album that you just can't seem to find the time to design?

Here's a good one...do you have photos of the entire family? And yes, we mean you, Mom.

Our Little Nest Team is here to help you design, create, and document your most precious memories!

Kind words

"Outstanding experience from start to finish! Everybody in the studio was kind and friendly and made me feel like my daughter was royalty. The photographer was amazing with my daughter which made capturing the best photos quick and easy. The studio was beautiful and I loved the process of choosing photos; we were in a nice, comfortable room looking at the photos on a big screen. The owner is the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate person you will ever meet! By the time I left, I felt like everybody there was family. An A+ experience. I will definitely return!"


"I HIGHLY recommend this location. Everyone who works there is SO sweet and they were excellent getting my son to smile. I really love the decor and props that they have to offer. The fact that they do offsite shoots too is an awesome bonus. I'll definitely be using them in the future!"


"My 10 month old son and I had a photo session at Little Nest and I couldn’t have been more impressed! The photographer was professional and delightful to work with and captured everything I hoped for! Every one of my son’s precious expressions were captured on camera and we had so many wonderful photos! The backgrounds were great. I can’t wait to return!"


"Loved our experience for Christmas pics this year! They were so patient and sweet with my very hyper two year old - literally the toddler whisperers. Made it a really fun experience with hot cocoa and cookies and my girls were so comfortable there. The back drop was so sweet but they totally also managed to capture both girls personalities. Quick turnaround of our final images as well and always responsive to questions. Highly recommend!!"


"Little Nest Portraits go above and beyond what my visions are and the calm environment just works wonders on my little one. The simplicity of the backdrops and furniture is the perfect balance so that the focus is on my baby and not the backdrop. The owner, Brittany, is amazing. Her and I have become more than photographer and models, but friends. She is warm and genuinely cares if you have a good experience and will make good on anything you are not happy about. Of all the places I've had my daughters photos taken, Little Nest Portraits far exceeds its competition. Meaghan was my photographer in this location, and she expertly handled my crying, cranky daughter. What could have been a stressful experience for me, was a calm, cool, relaxing experience because of Meaghan's personality and connection with her subjects! Hands down, Little Nest is the place I'm going with future children to document their beginnings."


the little nest experience



The First step, is we chat. About EVERYTHING. From your family, to what to wear and maybe even what your favorite coffee drink is.

This is where we decide where, when and the type of session you are wanting.



This is our favorite part. You come to our studio and we create memories.

Our sessions last roughly an hour for a classic family session and two hours for a newborn session. It never goes longer than the kids are happy, and will usually involves lots of laughter and maybe a few dirty feet.



About a week after your session, you will come back into the studio for an ordering meeting.

This is where you will see a curated slideshow of all the best images from your session and select your favorites, pick what products you want and we might even collaborate and create an heirloom album.

you should be in the picture too!

We get it, life gets busy, and each day passes faster than the last.

We also understand how it feels to coordinate time on your calendar, find outfits or simply get everyone on board and smiling all at the same time.

This is why we love making the family portrait process, simple and FUN!

Our clients enjoy having their portraits done each year, and growing their collection of images throughout their home, they come back year after year.


The next question is how much will it cost and when can we get our session scheduled? What should we wear? What if my baby is shy?

We have answers to all of your questions, can give advice and guidance, and help plan your dream session!

To learn more about pricing and how we can help you not only capture this moment in time, but preserve the memories for the future, fill out an inquiry form or give the studio a call!

Westfield, NJ

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have questions? need advice?

Feel free to call or email the studio and speak to a studio coordinator or a photographer with any questions, ideas, or concerns!